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Beautiful pieces and inspirations

Books of Andrew Tran

The books can be found on: All still in Progress…

Flowers and Boys - Romance

~"Welcome to my secret garden, where love blooms, and passion buds." - Kiki Hana Tran

My Cups of Tea - Romance/drama - Historical Inspired (Gay Fiction)

~"Tea is like our lives. It can be sweet, bitter, and even tasteful. You shall never expect what is being poured into your cup." - Archie Camille

Prelude To Sweet Dreams - (Fiction/ Gay Fiction)

"Love is sweet, so please have a treat, enter into the Sweet Boutique!" - Richie Felixson

Please enjoy, share, and comment!



Ryokucha by TrulyTranian

緑茶 - Ryokucha 

New mascot for TrulyTranian, note not a fursona. 

Full Name: 緑茶  蜂蜜 トラン Ryokucha Hachimitsu Tran

Age: 23

Orientation: Pansexual, prefers men 

Species: Wolf

Hair: Naturally light green, but tends to dye it in multitude of hues, and currently in a fine turquoise 

Eyes: Matcha green

Height: 6′ 0″ ,  182.88cm

Weight: 223 LBS, 101.151KG

Gender: Male 

Occupation: Model and Tea sommelier

Favorite Drink: All Assorted Teas

Fur:  a smooth, nutty brew with a luminous jade green color with silky white

Sign: Libra

Nsfw Details
Has horse genital and other flesh are all pink

Circumcised, Erect length: 23 inches, 58.42 centimeters

Circumference: 12 inches

Tends to be a power bottom, sometimes top

Sexual Style: Sophisticated as he is a intellectual and a perfectionist—an excellent bed mate, if a bit detached. The high-minded as he approaches sex with a mental bent, and is often intrigued by erotica and new conceptual approaches to pleasure. He is open-minded but refined, so he'll probably go along with anything as long as it's not a rough cut diamond.

Turn-ons: A well-decorated bedroom, the best of everything, a night on the town.  And he may be too polite to say so, but he really digs pricey gifts.  A perfect brewed cup of tea 

Turn-offs: Anything grotesque or uncouth forms of pleasure. 

Additional Info
He loves period fashion, especially the Edwardian and Victorian period, and Rococo on special occasions. 

Feel free to design any type of clothing you desire if you don't wish to draw any of the outfits I provided in his future designs. 

Tends to always have a different tea cup in hand, or always drinking tea.

Favorite past time is having 4 o’ clock afternoon tea. Regularly visits the Midori Leaf Tea Room in East Bank .

Personality and History
Ryokucha is a muscular full-bodied fellow, with a kind heart, and brisk liveliness.  Happy-go-lucky type of guy, enjoys adventure, and outgoing.  Handsome, of course, as he is hired by Mr. Tran in modeling for tea advertisements, fashion, and the Midori Mainly Magazine.  Attracted to all things tea and always has tea at 4 o’ clock, and naturally drinks it with all four meals.  Always diligent and devoted, hardworking and giving, just like his dear Mr. Tran.  Cultured, a bit old-fashioned, but tends to jump head on into innovation and wants in vogue. 

Voice: Malty and smooth, on the deeper side of vocals

Likes: All things Tranian, Tea, fashion, the Edwardian Period, antiques, sex, gummy candies, Spring/Summer, classical music, coffee (sometimes), femboys, and bara men 

Dislikes: Negativity and a bad brewed tea

nfsw version:…

Ryokucha  © Andrew Tran August 16, 2016

Jamie and a Midorian Milkshake by TrulyTranian
Jamie and a Midorian Milkshake
"Cool off with a reviving and refreshing Midorian Milkshake!"
-You can get one from Dennis' Diner in Midori Palms! It's matcha green tea goodness with fresh mint will do you the world of good in this steamy hot weather! Let our adorable Jamie
 mix one up for you! 

This one if for you Creativelea Hehe! :3 

Jamie from Flowers and Boys © TrulyTranian
The Ladies in Fashionable Hats by TrulyTranian
The Ladies in Fashionable Hats

“The Tranian Ladies in Fashionable Hats”

“Hats during the Edwardian period were not as universally wide as is sometimes thought.  The new century began with a continuation of art nouveau influence in fashion and as skirts swirled around the feet of women forming in fans like bell flowers, so did the hats swirl and swoop around the head.

Lavish brims swept around the face creating an illusion of a hat suspended as if by magic on the head.  The hat was often an amorphous mass swathed in tulle and smothered in flora, ribbon rosettes or plumage.  After 1903 large lace veils gave an impression of the hat being a frothy mass.

By 1902 the hair supports called pompadour frames were easy to buy and these were used as a base for the style and a woman’s own hair was built up and smoothed over the base.  The combings were added when extra matching hair was needed to get just the right effect.  The volume these contraptions enabled meant that the hats had a great support to rest on and so they gave an impression of often appearing to be hovering when in fact they rest on a substantial and fairly firm structure.

Even so hatpins were essential. With the pompadour frame in place hatpins could be threaded through and find a safe anchor.”

Excerpt from

Here are (Left to Right) Madame Madeleine, Andreas Danes, and Lady Midori in the latest picture hats and fashions of the era

Madame Madeleine, Andreas' and Lillie's hatter or milliner as she makes both of the ladies fashionable hats that are in a la mode.  She tries her best to please them both as they both are competitive professional beauties and fashion icons.  Every lady wishes to have full set of hair and a great, beautiful, and large hat!
Pre-war elegance was the idea for this picture, it was originally going to be hat advertisement but I decided to keep it as it was. 


Characters © TrulyTranian 

Summer Tea by TrulyTranian
Summer Tea
Golden summer afternoon in Midori are now scarce and fleeting, possessing the same umbra of mythicality as unicorns.  It has rumoured that they disappeared with the long hot summer of the war. Still the Camille's enjoy a sun-filled afternoon with the yearning of tea-time nostalgia before the Great Summer War.  With a sterling silver pot in hand, a fine strawberry cake, and the rich colour of yellow garden roses all make a lovely summer tea. 

This inspired my by the french fashion magazines in the Edwardian period, Le Petit Echo de la Mode.  It's pastel watercolours are absolutely dainty and sweet, so I used this idea to create this piece. Here the Camilles are having their tea in the green house.  Left to Right: Lady Kitty, Lady Camille, Andre, and then Archie. 
Lady Kitty in wartime fashions in the "Utility Modes", a fuller skirt but shorter hemline, and a tailored suit like bodice.  Paired with a blue fur brimmed hat and yellow two-toned lace up boots.  Much more for war work. 
Lady Camille in a more classic style but still remained the long skirt in powder blue, shirt-waist with starched detachable collar and cuffs. Asymmetrical floral stitch work on her skirt-waist and  tie.  This outfit would be consider more professional. And of course a white picture hat in yellow roses, yellow ostrich feathers, and lace. 
Andre in butler's attire, white tie since the times are changing it would be nessacery for a butler to wear morning tails and pepper-and-salt trousers.  Archie instits that it's white tea for evening and for afternoon tea. Breakfast he may wear morning butler's attire. 
Archie is wearing a light linen suit with matching trousers. A fine powder blue waist coat and paisley bowtie with a ornate cameo pin. Footwear his black button up boots. 

Enjoy! I hope you'll enjoy some tea this summer! 

Characters © TrulyTranian
 Dear My watchers,

It was my birthday on Saturday! I do apologize everyone for the long wait, I have been extremely busy with costumes and I have just finished the tea party which was a great success. I will start trying to keep this account up and my… account. You will see most of my progresses are on
I appreciate all of the support! And this upcoming year is going to be marvelous! 
Thank you! 

    Sincerely, Mr. Andrew Tran

  • Listening to: Joe Hisaishi
  • Watching: Downton Abbey
  • Drinking: Tea


TrulyTranian's Profile Picture
Andrew Tran
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello I'm Andrew, it's a pleasure to meet you!

I do welcome myself, to a place to spread my pure creativity and imagination. The Wonderful World of Andrew Tan Tran, has been presented many times to the internet and to others outside of the net. I have been a story teller for many years. I have been creating one story to another, the list is endless. As a young boy, I had already picked up my pencils and pens, drawing and writing a world of my own. The Wonderful world of Midori, my ever so beautiful land of Andrew Tran. A Fabulously and Truly Tranian showcase! I am an artist, costume designer, and a writer.

I wish to actually publish these wonderful stories, to the community and to the world. I believe that one day, I shall be remembered for being who I am today, an artist who always tries to find every creative opportunity to present my work.

Personal Quote:
"Dreams, are just a prelude to my realities, I will bring my stories to life." - Andrew Tran



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